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  • Pregnancy Belly Rings: Cute and Comfortable Keepsakes for Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy Belly Rings

Yes, you can keep your piercing! Bump Rings makes being pregnant with a belly ring in Canada comfortable and stylish and very affordable. Bump Rings on is a Canadian online source for high quality pregnancy belly rings.

We sell the same high quality pregnancy belly rings as seen in Fit Pregnancy Magazine, distributed in the US through We ship directly from Canada and sell in Canadian Dollars. Plus shipping to any Canadian address is always free.


Being Pregnant with a Belly Ring Can be Stylish and Comfortable

Pregnancy Belly Rings don't have to be uncomfortable beyond the first trimester. Unlike other vendors who sell hard acrylic bars, our pregnancy belly rings have the softest, most flexible medical grade, non-latex bars on the market today: the UltraFlex bar. Bump Rings pregnancy belly rings as sold on have extra length, which can be cut to size and easily rethreaded to fit you now and flex comfortably throughout your pregnancy.

We even offer non-metal designs and retainers suitable for labour and even the fussiest ultrasound technician, upon the approval of your care provider.

All our designs offer a manufacturer's 9 month breakage warranty. When you buy your pregnancy belly ring from Bump Rings by Big Vox Marketing, you know that you get the highest levels of service and responsiveness; even after the sale.